Special Programs & Partnerships

We believe meaningful partnerships are essential in
providing abused and neglected children with the
resources and support that they need.
Please contact us if you are interested in joining
us for a future program!

Examples of current programs and partnerships are included below.

They Are Worthy (January)

“They Are Worthy” is a social media recruitment program on Facebook. We partnered with DHHS, Guardian Light Family Services (GLFS), St. Francis Ministries, and NFAPA (Nebraska Foster and Adoptive Parent Association). This partnership program strives to recruit foster families and CASA volunteers for our area. Our main goal is recruitment, but we are also informing people about our services and making them aware of the reality kiddos in out-of-home placements experience when there aren’t foster care options in their home communities.

Dignity to Go (March)

We purchased suitcases, diaper bags, and backpacks and filled them with age-appropriate hygiene items. We also included items such as sippy cups in the backpacks for toddlers, and bottles, lotion, and pacifiers in the diaper bags for babies. We dropped everything off at the Department of Health and Human Services to be available for when children are removed from their homes or for those who experience a change in placement. We hope it helps children going through challenging situations know they are worthy of love and that there is hope.

Social Worker Appreciation (March)

In recognition of Social Worker Appreciation Month we dropped off our cuddly CASA bear, “Case Manager” Hershey Bars, and note cards. We are thankful for the DHHS Caseworkers and Supervisors that work so hard to keep children in our community safe. We appreciate their work with CASA and their efforts to work towards reunification and finding children safe and stable homes. 

Through it All (April)

We partnered with DOVES and with the Panhandle Humane Society to raise awareness about the correlation between child abuse and neglect, animal abuse, and domestic violence. We did a social media campaign for two weeks which included fun, interactive posts, emotional statistics and videos, and a photo contest to be entered in a drawing to win prizes! We also featured animals from PHSS that were ready to be adopted!

Volunteer Appreciation (April)

We got to show some love to our volunteers during our April Volunteer Meeting and our April Board Meeting! Good food, an interactive game for volunteers, and plenty of sweets! WE ARE SO THANKFUL FOR ALL THAT YOU ARE AND ALL THAT YOU DO!

National Night Out (August)

We partnered with Guardian Light Family Services for the 2021 National Night Out! We did a “Providing a Bubble of Support for Kids in Need” theme and focused on recruiting CASA Volunteers and foster families for our area. This partnership is natural as it impacts our ability to serve more children if there are no foster parents in our area for the child to be placed with.

Light of Hope (September)

We collaborate with the CAPstone Child Advocacy Center to host our annual Light of Hope fundraiser that has historically hosted over 400 people. CASA and CAPstone are both nonprofit organizations and depend on grants and private donations. We appreciate the continued support and encouragement we received from businesses and individuals in our area.

Foster Care Ornaments (December)

A partnership with DHHS where we work together to purchase gifts for children in foster care.